One is quick-tempered and the other is calm and patient. One likes to take all the burdens on shoulder, while the other gets used to relying on people. If getting together, they will be a happy couple. They have different interests and hobbies, but they give space to each other.

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When meeting difficulties, they can face and solve them together. If they try to find something in common, they will become more intimate. They can have a happy marriage, but they need to abandon their childish thoughts and become mature enough to take responsibilities. If both of them could learn to think for others, they will have a happy ending.

They can fight for a better life together, and they are willing to take the responsibility for the family, but they sometimes may be bothered by trifles. Therefore, they need to be more tolerant. They appreciate each other in many aspects, and their life is imbued with passion and care. Their loyalty allows them a happy ending. They are frank to each other, sharing secrets and relying on each other. Both of them are popular in social activities. They love themselves more than they love each other, so they can become intimate friends but not lovers.

They are quite picky on each other, and cannot tolerate financial shortage, which can shatter their relationship easily. Roosters are strict to every trifle in life, and they both like complaining, which makes their love fades away. They always feel anxious in relationship. They are not a compatible couple. And this often becomes for them a kind of engine. And if they correctly direct their energy, they will be able to achieve good results in all spheres of life. Read also: Leo Woman and Rabbit Woman.

Relationships for them are often not important points in development. They can completely dispense with the romance of feelings, until they experience real emotions. In this case, they quickly abandon loneliness and embark on a variety of relationships. Often this leads to illegible connections.

In a relationship with one partner, they can be too infantile, which often leads to a break. Family relationships will be happy if these women think about creating a family in adulthood. In this case, their choice will be correct and weighted.

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When one Rabbit frets about the job market, the other needs to dispel their doubts, and not commiserate about the lousy economy. Blessed with considerable artistic talent, these two can collaborate on some impressive projects together. As far as sex is concerned, these two get along like a house on fire. They both like to concentrate on foreplay, rather than intercourse. Having sex outdoors is not for Rabbits; they prefer making love in a five-star hotel room.

The shy Rabbit and flamboyant Dragon make a strange pair. The Rabbit prefers to stay home with friends and family while the Dragon wants to party the night away at some swanky nightclub or disco.

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After these two reunite and crawl into bed together, something magic happens. As friends, the Rabbit and Dragon can bring a great deal to each other. The Rabbit can show the Dragon that you can sometimes catch more flies with honey than vinegar. The Dragon will help the scatterbrained Rabbit get organized. Yes, the refined Rabbit will sometimes find its pal vulgar, while the practical Dragon will think that its buddy is too fastidious.

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The artistic Rabbit needs to remember that Dragons express their creativity in the bedroom. That means that this reserved lover should be prepared for some imaginative spins on time-honored techniques. The Dragon should be advised that the Rabbit is extremely self-conscious, and may benefit from gifts like beautiful lingerie and silk pajamas. The Rabbit and Snake are intuitively drawn to each other.

As far as friendship is concerned, The Rabbit and Snake hit it off famously. They share a love of intellectual pursuits, and may meet each other at a chess club, book group, or lecture series. These two will often swap book and movie recommendations, and might even decide to collaborate on a writing project. The Rabbit and Snake can also have fun shopping, with the Rabbit deliberating carefully over merchandise and the Snake piling their cart high with everything that catches their fancy.

With regard to sex, the Rabbit and Snake have lots of chemistry.

This is one of the few lovers with whom the Rabbit can feel completely uninhibited. A union between the Rabbit and Horse requires lots of work. Fortunately, the Rabbit is very compassionate and will work to find common bonds with the Horse. The Rabbit always finds the quickest distance between two points, and the Horse perpetually discovers how to profit from this efficiency.

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Together, they can make a great deal of money, but the Rabbit will have difficulty spending it, while the Horse will indulge in frequent shopping sprees. These two can have difficulty forming a friendship, too. The ultra-conscientious Rabbit will feel hurt when a careless Horse forgets their birthday, whereas the Horse will wonder why the Rabbit makes a mountain out of such a molehill. Hopefully, the Rabbit will show the Horse the value of slowing down and smelling the flowers. Meanwhile, the Horse can show the Rabbit how to showcase their considerable creative talent.

The Rabbit likes to be wined and dined before being taken to bed. The Horse, on the other hand, just wants to cut to the chase.

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The Rabbit, on the other hand, can become more sexually impulsive with the help of the Horse. This is one of those fated connections that is almost guaranteed to end in a serious commitment. The artistic Rabbit feels an immediate bond with the dreamy Goat. The Goat can put up with color-coded closets for the sake of champagne and chocolates. With regard to friendship, the Rabbit and Goat make an equally compatible pair. The Rabbit is the more focused of the two, and can help the Goat develop their creative talents.

In return, the Goat will put the Rabbit in contact with people who can advance their personal and professional lives. At times, the Rabbit will find the Goat hopelessly helpless, while the Goat will think the Rabbit is a nagging bore. For the most part, though, these two hit it off extremely well. Sexually, the Rabbit and Goat make a compatible pair. Both lovers are able to blend passion with tenderness. Onlookers may feel slightly sickened by all the sweet talk that is exchanged between these two, but the Rabbit and Goat will be oblivious to these stares of disgust.